Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Kenneth Williams

My desire is for every student with whom I come in contact to be the best in his or her profession.

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Alice Jarvis

Teaching is leading an interactive process where people work together to turn information into knowledge.

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Danielle Babb

Best practice teaching methods enable students to gain a real-world understanding of theory and principles.

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Domingo Salgado

I am devoted to enhancing and expanding students’ understanding of business and technology issues.

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Eugene Bell

To effectively teach others you must first ignite a fire of curiosity.

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Mark E. Brown

I give the learners a chance to practice in a class situation and I expect them to apply the learning in a real life situation.

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Patricia McClintock

My philosophy is fundamentally student-centered, meeting the student where the student is academically.

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Prakash Menon

An environment that encourages collaboration is student centered. Faculty sharing and learning from each other is essential for transformation.

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Richard Bushart

My teaching philosophy is based upon mutual respect, open communication and knowledge sharing.

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Sean Stanley

I believe that a great instructor must make the student’s well-being and success a priority.

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Abir Alameddine

I want my learners to experience my passion for teaching through a service leadership philosophy.

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Alain Noghiu

I believe education should promote the holistic development of learners.

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Anjali Barnick

My philosophy is that you are capable of learning anything.

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Beth Ann Kauppila

Learners reach their optimal growth, practice critical thinking skills & advance knowledge to apply in their professional life.

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Charles Roe

I believe that both students and teachers continually grow and learn through a mutually beneficial journey to new knowledge.

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David Patrishkoff

I strive to transfer lessons from my years of foreign assignments so they can also learn to transform the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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Deloris Easley

I desire to fulfill the need for learning by engaging students and creating relevant learning experiences.

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Gokhan Sarpkaya

I focus on offering the student an educational opportunity that integrates educational ideas and methods with practical applications.

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Joseph Weagraff

By using a servant leadership style, pledge my devotion, diligence, and hard work to the students and University.

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Joy Gianakura

It is the faculty member’s role to enter into a partnership with the student to help them realize their goals and true potential.

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Kenneth Oster

Challenge students, allowing them to grasp new ideas, and giving them the opportunity to express their opinions on the issues.

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Mehrdad Zadeh

I believe that respect for students is the most important aspect of the learning process.

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Michael Eblenkamp

I teach and provide input to master future business and professional life tactics, strategies and business politics.

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Mitchell Miller

I am unequivocally committed to the academic, professional, and personal success and well-being of every student.

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Paolo Catasti

Teaching with a focus on case study and critical thought, rather than topic memorization.

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Patrick McNeil

When we learn, we grow and are better for new knowledge. When we make mistakes, it is an opportunity to learn and do better the next time.

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Patrick O’Leary

The root of the word education is Latin ‘e ducere,’ to bring out. For students to bring out the best of themselves they must own the material.

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Rafael Rojas

My approach is grounded in coaching to allow students to explore by themselves in order to learn.

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Robert Cote

I bring practical experience to the classroom and transfer my industry knowledge to students.

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Robert Nakata

Robert Nakata

I believe in maximizing student engagement by making the class as experiential as possible.

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Sandra Hindo

I don’t believe in failure and neither should you. I am here to help you succeed but you must play your part and be fully engaged.

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Sidney Martin

I have a philosophy that I want every student to succeed. My participation in their learning process is to maximize their performance.

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Stephen Paulone

My intention is to bring my experience, academic background and context to a course to help students reach their learning goals.

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Viola Sprague

My teaching philosophy is to bring my industry and professional experience into the classroom and enrich the learning for all learners.

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