Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificates

The 12-credit graduate certificate programs at Kettering University Online are designed to deliver specialized skills to professionals who are currently in - or desire to enter - a management position. Students may complete an online graduate certificate as a self-contained credential or as part of an online master’s degree program at Kettering University Online.

Management & Leadership Certificate

  • Modern corporate leadership positions increasingly demand professionals possess soft skills
  • Earning a Management & Leadership graduate certificate from Kettering University Online helps professionals master their skills in business communication
  • Learn more about the Management & Leadership Certificate

Global Leadership Certificate

  • Three courses deliver leadership insights and an understanding of what it takes to lead in today's workplace
  • Focus on Ethics and Leadership, Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  • Gain skills that can take you to the next leadership level for your organization
  • Learn more about the Global Leadership Certificate

Lean Principles for Healthcare Certificate

  • An overview of healthcare today providing a working knowledge of organizational, financial and policy issues
  • Applies the concepts of engineering and Lean to health care to create a value add for any health care organization
  • Employ Industrial System Engineering (ISE) concepts for improving quality, patient safety, and employee productivity
  • Learn more about the Lean Principles for Healthcare Certificate

Operations Management Certificate

  • Develop ways to create solutions for multiple challenges in sourcing, quality control implementation and more
  • Lean Six Sigma, Technology Management and Project & Change Management courses provide an overview and insights into Operational challenges
  • Improve operations in your organization by using theory to create reality on the job
  • Learn more about the Operations Management Certificate

Supply Chain Management Level I Certificate

Supply Chain Management Level II Certificate

Foundations of Data Science Certificate

  • Three courses teaching how to communicate data science concepts, results, and visualizations effectively
  • Focus on data communications and statistical methods
  • Become highly skilled in analysis and prediction, allowing you to provide actionable information for decision-making
  • Learn more about the Foundations of Data Science Certificate

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Why earn a graduate certificate?

According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, graduate certificates are the fastest growing form of postsecondary credentials in the nation. A graduate certificate offers professionals the opportunity to quickly gain the skills needed to advance in their careers or change their career trajectory. For Kettering University Online students earning a master’s degree, a graduate certificate allows for further specialization in their sphere of influence.