Online Lean Manufacturing Program

Online Lean Manufacturing Program

What better place to learn modern manufacturing process knowledge and Lean Six Sigma skills than the university that taught the brightest minds in automotive manufacturing? The only program of its kind in the United States, Kettering University Online’s Lean Manufacturing master’s degree was developed in collaboration with General Motors to give you the skills you need to improve quality output, streamline processes and reduce waste.

"The MSLM is an innovative program that teaches students to streamline processes and eliminate waste in corporations. It can be applied to any field in any industry. In every module of every course that I’ve taken so far, I’ve been able to find at least one thing I could immediately apply in my regular job. This has made me more efficient and more effective in my work." – Kristy Finnigan, quality engineer and MS Lean Manufacturing student

Why Earn Your Lean Manufacturing Master's Degree?

To grow in the highly competitive global marketplace, every organization must maximize customer value and minimize waste. Designing, implementing and managing lean initiatives requires careful planning and advanced skills in the following areas:

- Lean Six Sigma                        - Lean enterprise development
- Project management                - Value stream mapping

This is where a Lean Manufacturing master’s degree gives you an edge. You engage in the latest research regarding competitive and low-cost manufacturing operations and position yourself for advancement by applying program knowledge to your organization immediately.

Salary expectations for Lean Manufacturing professionals*

  • Corporate/Executive Management: $164,209                
  • VP, Supply Chain/Manufacturing: $163,278
  • Director, Manufacturing/Production: $152,417
  • Consulting/Education: $135,196                              
  • VP, Director, Purchasing/Procurement/Sourcing: $128,406
  • R&D/Product Development Management: $119,617    
  • Lean/Continuous Improvement Management: $102,995                 
  • Supply Chain/Logistics Management: $97,144
  • Manufacturing/Production Management: $92,361      
  • Quality Management: $92,078
  • Purchasing/Procurement/Sourcing Management: $85,940