Online Master of Science Supply Chain Management

Online Master of Science Supply Chain Management

The Qualification You Need to Stand-Out in this Fast-Paced Sector

The online Master of Science Supply Chain Management degree positions graduates for career advancement and leadership opportunities within the import and export, manufacturing and transport, and logistics management industries.

Master the skills needed to establish yourself as a leader with an understanding of the global market, while becoming a subject matter expert in sourcing goods and consumer delivery. Develop the skills to interpret and analyze data as well as implement best business practices through Kettering University Online’s uniquely interactive and supportive learning environment.


Students receive an overview of effective strategies for managing supply chains and an introduction to operations within complex networks and logistics. Practical skills to increase service levels and reduce costs are examined. Additional areas that are covered in this course include:

  • Strategic planning and operation of an effective supply chain design
  • Advantages of competitive supply chains and how weaknesses in the chain impact operations
  • Key drivers of supply chain performance
  • Application of analytical methodologies to impact demand planning in supply chains
  • Overview of the use of technology in supply chain management

Online Supply Chain Management Degree Fast Facts:

  • No GRE/GMAT required

  • 100% Online

  • Fully Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs
  • Achieve two levels of Supply Chain Management Certification in process to earning your degree
  • Customize your Online Suppy Chain Degree with choice of graduate certificates in: Global Leadership, Healthcare Management, or Operations Management
  • Ranked "Best Supply Chain Management Degree Programs -2019" by
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Effective collaboration across the supply chain is vital to creating a competitive edge. Working with suppliers upstream, and distributors downstream provide an opportunity for a boost in sales, a chance to reduce product inventories and increase the speed to market. None of this is possible without a coordinated effort which includes technology, relationship management, and management of the inter-relationship between parts of the supply chain. Students in this course examine traditional approaches to supply chain management as well as electronic commerce and issues related specifically to Internet delivery. In addition, they evaluate innovative approaches to create efficiencies that enhance collaboration and decision-making. Technology structure for information sharing, team management, and issues of leadership and power are also examined.

Masters in Supply Chain Management by the Numbers

The average base salary for Supply Chain Managers is $81,439


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Customer Relationship Management is at the core of all effective supply chains. Students in this course examine the comprehensive set of processes and technologies necessary for managing potential and current customers and effective ways of managing the customer relationship to ensure an effective supply of materials required for the product development. A range of CRM software is also examined.

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The purpose of this course is to provide the student with an overview of the role in the firm performed by financial management. The first half of the course focuses on the theoretical valuation of stocks and bonds and the capital markets in which they are traded. The second half of the course focuses on both the use of financial leverage by the firm and working capital management. The need for financial managers to provide both ethical and legal leadership for the firm is stressed throughout the course.

Online Supply Chain Management Program Featured Courses

Below is the list of courses you will take while enrolled in the Supply Chain Management online degree at Kettering University Online:


An overview of the strategic and tactical elements of logistics management is the focus of this course. Transportation, including multi-model freight operations, high-tech automated warehousing, and order delivery are fundamental. Critical analysis of logistics, with an emphasis on effective decision-making and innovation, is primary. Students review basic distribution and logistics issues that impact the overall business performance with the goal of analyzing and resolving distributions and logistics challenges evident in today’s business environment.


This course provides an overview of the purchasing and strategic procurement of products, services, and e-commerce to gain a competitive advantage. The focus is on contract negotiation and supplier management with the goals of identification, mitigation, and reduction of risks to ensure effective supply chains.

Courses in the Masters in Supply Chain Management online program provide a foundation to the field, insight into logistics, the importance of the customer relationship and how to manage it.  Listen to one of our Supply Chain Management experts: 

MS in Supply Chain Management Online students:

  • Learn effective strategies for managing supply chains and receive an introduction to operations within complex networks and logistics

  • Gain knowledge of effective ways of managing the customer relationship to ensure an effective supply of materials required for the product development

  • Master purchasing and strategic procurement of products, services and ecommerce with a focus on contract negotiation and supplier management

This course provides an overview of effective strategies for companies with global operations. These strategies consider the full spectrum of the supply chain – from raw material to finished product. Emphasis is placed on planning and integration of supply chain components into a coordinated system. A range of tactics are explored to produce optimal outcomes in supply chains and provide a competitive advantage, including the appropriate technology, and software solutions applicable to the Final Project. The final capstone project allows for the analysis of a supply chain to provide insight into ways to streamline a current supply chain. Another option, students may choose, is to provide an in-depth response to a supply chain challenge in a current or former workplace.

A 100% Online, User-Friendly Experience

Unlike other online graduate degree programs, Kettering University Online courses are not primarily made up of video-based lectures. Students have the opportunity to interact with professors and fellow students through highly interactive discussion forums and assignments.

Course activities can be personalized to specific industries and organizations; this gives students the opportunity to learn today and use tomorrow, thereby providing an immediate value to an organization. Also a dedicated advisor assists students throughout their academic career, helping them register for classes and providing support when life situations arise that impact an education plan.

Salary Expectations for Supply Chain & Logistics Professionals

  • VP-level Manager: $163,140
  • Distribution and Logistics Manager: $94,335
  • Supply Chain Manager: $81,569**
  • Purchasing Manager: $72,665

Get Your Foot in the Door of Global Supply Chain Management with our Multi-Level Supply Chain Management Program

Kettering University Online Supply Chain Management students earn two levels of certification in supply chain management in route to earning their Master of Science in Supply Chain Management degree, creating a tiered program and curriculum that can have an immediate impact on your career. 

Wanted: Masters in Supply Chain Management Online Degrees in 2019

U.S. News & World Report points to changes in technology for the growing supply chain and logistics management opportunities: “Supply-chain management has recently shown up in countless publications as a hot concentration for MBAs.”

Global leaders such as Amazon, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s are setting new standards in how to capitalize on supply chains, making supply chain a value-added link in their organizations. Companies like these want supply chain managers who deliver innovation and agility to their logistics services. This is why more and more businesses are hiring people with a master’s in Supply Chain Management.

According to, “Many employers actually prefer a master’s degree or professional degree in this field as well. Your classes in logistics and supply chain management will cover topics such as ethics, administration, finances, organization, marketing, international business, statistics and conflict resolution.”

Online Supply Chain Management degree students can focus on Global Leadership, Healthcare Management, or Operations Management.

U.S. News & World Report hones in on why a master’s degree in supply chain prepares managers for the next step in their career. It points to the global marketplace, noting that supply chain managers need to understand how to work in the global business market with suppliers and customers around the world. A master’s program connects students with international colleagues and leaders. This prepares them for working in multicultural settings but also for the expected long and unconventional hours. Not only do plants run 24/7, but businesses run in different time zones. Supply chain managers need to be able to do business around the clock, but they will be well-compensated for their hard work. The average starting salary for managers with a master's in supply chain management is between $95K to upwards of $165K for vice president and C-suite positions.

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SCM Level I Certificate

  • SCM 610 | Foundations of Supply Chain Management
  • SCM 611 | Collaboration in Supply Chain Management
  • SCM 612 | Customer Relationship Management

SCM Level II Certificate

  • SCM 613 | Supply Chain Logistics
  • SCM 614 | Procurement and Risk Management
  • SCM 615 | Supply Chain Planning: Capstone