Global Leadership Certificate

Global Leadership Certificate

Designed for professionals who wish to better compete in our increasingly global economy, this three-course online graduate certificate in Global Leadership delivers the international know-how to lead cross-cultural teams in the delivery of products and services around the world. All of this is accomplished through an approach that allows students to apply the techniques and tools practiced in the online classroom to your profession immediately.

Why earn your Global Leadership graduate certificate?

Markets no longer live within national boundaries, and leaders need to rethink their sourcing and resource strategies for a globalized market. Earning a Global Leadership graduate certificate from Kettering University Online helps professionals understand how to measure the rewards and risks affecting supply and demand, human resources and materials sourcing in our global marketplace.

Global Leadership Graduate Certificate Curriculum

MGMT 649 | Ethics and Leadership

The course prepares students for leadership roles in the workplace and in society by giving them knowledge of management and leadership from an ethical perspective. This course will focus on the evolution of ethical theories and the role of the leader within the business context. Students will use their understanding of business, leadership and the processes of moral reasoning to examine contemporary issues relating to organizations. Through lecture and case method, students will apply their knowledge of leadership to contemporary situations.

BUSN 689 | Organizational Behavior

This class will conduct a comprehensive examination of different organizational behavior theories including the analysis at individual, group and organizational levels. Individual levels include perception, personality, and motivation. Group levels will include decision making, group dynamics and team building. Organizational levels will include communications, empowerment, leadership, diversity and cross-cultural issues. Experiential activities will include class exercises such as case studies, videos, and survey instruments as well as team and individual assignments.

MGMT 679 | Leadership

This course will be a comprehensive examination of different leadership theories, with emphasis on relevant empirical evidence and application of the theories to case studies that involve leadership and group functioning. Students will thoroughly examine a professional review of concepts and apply their understanding through a variety of means. Ethics and persuasion are covered.