Healthcare Management Certificate

Healthcare Management Certificate

Designed for professionals who wish to take a leadership role within their healthcare organizations, this three-course online graduate certificate in Healthcare Management applies an engineering focus to examine and to streamline processes within a healthcare setting. A broader look at healthcare management provides a working knowledge of organizational, financial and policy issues to optimize performance and streamline the process for patients. All of this is accomplished through an approach that allows students to apply the techniques and tools practiced in the online classroom to their profession immediately.

Why earn your Healthcare Management graduate certificate?

Typically, professionals have deep knowledge of their field or discipline but in the constantly changing world of healthcare, it has become necessary to go beyond discipline knowledge. By applying trusted and well-established Lean concepts in healthcare, everyone can benefit from more effective and efficient services. Earning a graduate certificate in Healthcare Management from Kettering University Online supports professionals in healthcare in the development of solutions that improve processes and healthcare delivery.

Healthcare Management Graduate Certificate Curriculum

IME 656 | Engineering for Healthcare Systems

This course examines the technical structure of the healthcare delivery system and the role that industrial and systems engineering (ISE) plays in its design and improvement. Topics include how healthcare systems work in hospitals, medical offices, clinics and other healthcare organizations. Traditional ISE methods for improving quality, patient safety, and employee productivity and satisfaction are presented within a systematic application of value chain engineering designed to produce lean processes.

HMGT 609 | Healthcare Management

In this course, students gain a broad understanding of organizational, financial and policy issues in healthcare delivery systems in the U.S. Students apply core business skills and knowledge of functional areas unique to healthcare in analyzing healthcare case studies. Students critically evaluate healthcare issues and policies and their effects on healthcare system performance.

Plus one of the following:

IME 676 | Lean Six Sigma

This course examines techniques to maximize production efficiency and maintain control over each step in the process. The structured problem-solving methodology DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) provides the course framework.

MGMT 669 | Supply Chain Operations

This course provides students with a conceptual framework for understanding supply chain management (SCM) and covers concepts, trends and technologies that enable global SCM. Students learn how customer needs, competitive advantage, operational measures and financial performance support successful SCM implementation. They also learn how operational activities, including information systems, procurement, demand planning and forecasting, inventory management, and logistics, support organizational goals. Students use software and case studies to illustrate concepts.