Viola Sprague

Viola Sprague

Academic Credentials

  • MBA, Master in Business Administration, Wayne State University (1998), Detroit, Michigan

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is to bring my industry and professional experience into the classroom and enrich the learning for all learners. Leveraging my real world experience I aim to make the course material more robust and meaningful to every learner. Availability to learners is a fundamental component of my classroom. All students should feel comfortable to ask questions and have them answered quickly and concisely.

Professional Profile

I began my Information Technology career at Wayne State University supporting the School of Medicine. During this time I held many roles; Network Administrator, Database Administrator, Help Desk Support, and IT Manager, becoming a certified Project Manager. This experience allowed me many opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

After Wayne State University, I worked for a seven-hospital system in Grand Rapids, Spectrum Health. I held the title Clinical Applications Manager, which made me responsible for all computing devices that interacted with patients. This included the EMR (Electronic Medical Record), BMDI (Bedside Medical Device Interface), and many others. This role was extremely exciting. I was able to experience emergency management, leadership, and system support in which lives were dependent.

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