Mitchell Miller

Mitchell Miller

Academic Credentials

  • Doctor of Business Administration, Certified Financial Planner

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy exists in the form of a commitment statement:

  • I am unequivocally committed to the academic, professional, and personal success and well-being of every student;
  • To remain student-centric, attentive and responsive to student needs and concerns;
  • To ethically and competently practice my facilitative role to the best of my ability;
  • I am committed to helping students achieve their success goals, to the achievement of student learning outcomes, and to their acquisition of strategic, career-focused skills and knowledge;
  • I pledge to hold myself out as a role model and to mentor my students;
  • To continuously and constantly seek to encourage, nurture, and coach students to maintain positive attitudes of mind while striving to cultivate their critical thinking--to shape their human and intellectual capital.

Professional Profile

Entrepreneur, educator, author, and practicing Certified Financial Planner®.

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