Joy Gianakura

Joy Gianakura

Academic Credentials

  • Ed.D – Higher Education Administration, CMU
  • ME.d – Adult and Higher Education, GVSU
  • BS.Ed – Secondary Education, CMU

Teaching Philosophy

I believe that learning is personal. Every student has a reason for wanting to learn and further his or her education, and it is the faculty member’s role to enter into a partnership with the student to help them realize their goals and true potential. Teaching is also a learning experience. I constantly learn from my students by listening to their opinions, hearing about their experiences and becoming enlightened by their perspectives.

Professional Profile

I have been an educator for nearly 27 years. Although most of my work has been in administration, my education has all been with the focus on education. I have held positions with Oakland University, James Madison University in Virginia, Davenport University, Central Michigan University (teaching in their EdD program), and am enjoying my second term of employment with GVSU! My positions have spanned academic advising to the Vice Provost of Academic Affairs. My focus area of research is organizational theory and application, communication, and culture and change within organizations.

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