Master of Science Engineering Management Online

Master of Science Engineering Management Online

Make a Difference Through Engineering Management 

Kettering University’s customizable online MS in Engineering Management combines your engineering knowledge with management skills and abilities to take your career to the next level. 

  • Make an impact right away - Our Learn Today-Use Tomorrow philosophy combines theory with practice, allowing you to apply your classroom learning directly to the job 
  • Evaluate and solve complex problems in leadership, communication, change management, lean thinking, human resources and ethics  
  • Understand the strategic role of information systems (IS) and a process-oriented view of the organization and its relationships with suppliers, customers and competitors 
  • Evaluate ways organizations implement processes globally using enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), product lifecycle management (PLM) and social networks 
  • Increase your competitive edge – Add as few as 4 courses to add a second degree to your credentials: Choose from MBA, MS Operations Management or MS Lean Manufacturing 

KUO’s MS Engineering Management degree program delivers the holistic leadership and communication skills needed to manage other engineers and a cross-disciplinary team. 

Fast Facts

  • 100% online, 40 credit-hour curriculum – 7 core courses plus your choice of one of the following 3-course graduate certificates: Global Leadership, Lean Principles for Healthcare, Operations Management, Management & Leadership, Supply Chain Level I, or Supply Chain Level II.
  • Tuition cost - $934 per credit hour - financial aid and military benefits are available if qualified
  • 8 starts a year – Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer
  • Finish in as few as 18 months
  • No GRE/GMAT required

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This course provides an overview of the expanding role of international business in the world marketplace. Emphasis is placed on exploring the complex issues relating to the best practices in international business. This course will use case studies to illustrate the major topics.

Masters in Engineering Management by the Numbers

The average base salary for Engineering Managers is $115,204


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The purpose of this course is to provide the student with an overview of the role in the firm performed by financial management. The first half of the course focuses on the theoretical valuation of stocks and bonds and the capital markets in which they are traded.

The second half of the course focuses on both the use of financial leverage by the firm and working capital management. The need for financial managers to provide both ethical and legal leadership for the firm is stressed throughout the course.


The purpose of this course is to begin preparing students for management positions in high-tech and manufacturing companies. In this overview course, students will be introduced to the most important concepts and issues concerning the management and leadership of high-technology staff. Subjects include:

  • High-tech leadership and communication
  • Change management
  • Lean thinking
  • HR issues
  • Ethics
  • Persuasion

Increase Your Marketability with An Additional Graduate Degree

Imagine having the added advantage of not just getting one Master’s degree but having two Master's degrees for the same number of courses some institutions require for only one degree? In addition to earning your Master’s in Engineering Management, we provide a unique option for you to enroll in just four extra courses to earn your Online MBA as well*.

Masters in Engineering Management Online Degree Options

  • Earn your MBA as a second degree by taking just four additional courses
  • Earn two master’s degrees plus your customized certificate to add weight to your resume

As an Engineering Manager, you have a powerful set of technical skills you bring to the job every day.  Add business acumen to provide that extra value on the job and for your career trajectory.

*All courses need to be within 6 years.


This course overviews information systems (IS) at two levels: the strategic role of IS and a process-oriented view of the organization and its relationships with suppliers, customers, and competitors. We view processes as vehicles for achieving strategic objectives and transforming the organization.

The major focus of the course is how organizations implement processes globally using enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM) Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and social networks. The course also provides a brief IS infrastructure overview and addresses key IS management topics. Students learn about the ethical and legal implications of information systems.

Online Engineering Management Degree Courses

The 40-credit Master of Science in Engineering Management curriculum includes 10 courses consisting of 7 core courses and your choice of a 3-course graduate certificate in Global Leadership, Operations Management, Healthcare Management or Supply Chain Management Level 1 or 2.

Core Curriculum


This course provides an overview of marketing’s role in connecting businesses to other businesses. While this course will cover the basic business management topics, a special emphasis is placed on the best practices in market relationship management, supply chain management, and strategy development. Cases will be used throughout the course to illustrate various concepts and issues.

Certificate Curriculum

Customize your Engineering Management degree with your choice of a 3-course graduate certificate in Global Leadership, Lean Principles for Healthcare, Operations Management, Management and Leadership, or Supply Chain Management Level 1 or 2.


This course deals with the professional and ethical considerations of an engineer in contemporary society. Discussions include the code of ethics for engineers, case studies on conflict of interest, team, engineering/ management responsibilities, environmental considerations, and professional registration. This class requires a live weekly discussion.

Management and Leadership Certificate:

  • MGMT 620| Business Communication and Presentation
  • MGMT 621 | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Plus your choice of:

  • MGMT 622| Organized Labor and Management Relations
  • MGMT 649 | Ethics and Leadership

The capstone business class focuses on the formulation, implementation and evaluation of organizational policy and strategy from the perspective of the senior manager/strategy planner. Consideration is additionally given to information technology, global operations, ethics, legal perspectives, and the functional level strategies of the organization. An integrative approach uses the case method to explore executive decision-making in the global marketplace.

Lean Principles for Healthcare:

  • IME 656 | Engineering for Healthcare Systems
  • HMGT 609 | Healthcare Management

Plus your choice of:

  • SCM | Foundations of Supply Chain
  • IME 676 | Lean Six Sigma

Operations Management:

  • MGMT 619 | Project Management
  • MGMT 609 | Technology Management
  • MGMT 661 | Operations Management

Global Leadership:

  • MGMT 679 | Leadership
  • MGMT 649 | Ethics and Leadership
  • BUSN 689 | Organizational Behavior

Supply Chain Management Level 1:

  • SCM 610 | Foundations of Supply Chain
  • SCM 611 | Collaboration in the Supply Chain
  • SCM 612 | Customer Relationship Management

Supply Chain Management Level 2:

  • SCM 613 | Logistics
  • SCM 614 | Procurement and Risk Management
  • SCM 615 | Supply Chain Capstone

Ideal if your goal is


To attain a leadership role

To launch your own business

Engineering Management

To gain project management skills

To lead a cross-disciplinary team

Operations Management

To link people, performance and processes

To advance your career in procurement, revenue and operations

kinds of jobs


Median base salary

General Management

IT/MIS Consultant

Engineering Management

Average annual salary

$140,000 annually
Director of Engineering

$119,000 annually
Quality Assurance Director

Operations Management

Average annual salary

$126,000 annually
Senior Risk Manager

$117,000 annually
Operations Senior Analyst

Skills employers are looking for


Ability to write and speak persuasively

Actively listen and gauge the needs of internal and external stakeholders

Adaptability to work with the resources at hand

Engineering Management

Coordinating collaborative efforts/processes across multiple teams

Mentor and foster functional subject matter experts on your teams

Look holistically at a project and communicate specific responsibilities to team members

Operations Management

The ability to promote and enforce company as well as government regulations

Ability to understand data including finances and how it impacts the overall operations of the organization

Have the skills necessary to work successfully cross-departmentally and with individuals outside of the organization

What Is the Best Engineering Management Philosophy?

Engineers, at the beginning of their career often focus on mastering the technical aspects and responsibilities of their job. After establishing an effective skill set and a firm work ethic, some engineers feel ready for more – more responsibility, more variety in their daily tasks, and more of a desire to contribute to their company’s ability to achieve its strategic goals.

One way to accomplish this is by becoming a manager. The Master of Science Engineering Management Online degree program from Kettering University Online delivers the holistic leadership and communication skills needed to manage a high technology, cross-disciplinary team.

Engineering management lies at the intersection of applying sound engineering principles to projects and having the savvy business acumen necessary for all financial, administrative, and planning activities that support project development from conception to completion.

Engineering managers lead research and development teams working on new products, processes, or designs, or working to improve existing ones.

Salary Expectations for Online Engineering Management Masters Graduates

  • Corporate/Executive Management: $179,929
  • VP, Manufacturing/Production: $183,400
  • Director, Manufacturing/Production: $137,100
  • Engineering Management: $106,400
  • R&D/Product Development Management: $110,700

Master of Science Engineering Management Online - FAQ

Is there a fee to apply at Kettering University Online?
No. there is no fee to apply at Kettering University Online.
What support do I receive as an online student?
To help close the distance gap, you have personal access to your professors through telephone, voice mail, email, fax and online bulletin boards and/or chat rooms. Professors provide office hours, during which you may contact them to ask questions or discuss course materials. You are assigned a personal Kettering University Online Professional Advisor to assist you with your program from enrollment through graduation. Technical support is also available.
How long does it take to complete a Kettering University Online master’s degree program?
Kettering University Online works around your schedule. We have had students complete a master’s degree in less than a year, while others have taken five years. (You can complete an entire college course in just six to eight weeks, one course at a time, or more, as your schedule allows.) The average time to complete our master’s degree program is two years.