Master of Science Lean Manufacturing

Master of Science Lean Manufacturing

The Only Program of Its Kind – Developed in Partnership with G.M.

Kettering University’s Online Master of Science in Lean Manufacturing emphasizes mechanical engineering and practical application of theory and is the only program of its kind. What better place to learn modern manufacturing process knowledge and Lean Six Sigma skills than the university that taught the brightest minds in automotive manufacturing? Kettering University's Online Lean Manufacturing master’s degree was developed in collaboration with General Motors to give you the skills you need to improve quality output, streamline processes and reduce waste.

Lean Manufacturing Fast Facts

  • No GRE/GMAT required
  • Employs solid engineering concepts combined with Lean and Six Sigma tools
  • Customize your Degree with choice of graduate certificates in: Global Leadership, Healthcare Management, Operations Management or Supply Chain Management Level I and II
  • 100% online. Ideal for busy, working professionals
  • 40 credits, 10 courses – complete in as little as 16 months

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This course is an integrated overview and introduction to contemporary global manufacturing operations. The focus of this course is the application of attitudes, skills, and knowledge required of managers, supervisors, team leaders and manufacturing professionals in a cross-functional and cross-cultural manufacturing operation.

After a brief historical overview of global manufacturing, this course covers the following topics: global leadership, cross-cultural business communication, customers-across-continents, empowerment and cross-cultural teamwork, continuous process improvement, manufacturing metrics, policy deployment, ISO and QS 9000, computer-integrated manufacturing, process reengineering, international supply chain management, and the theory of constraints. This foundation leads up to a discussion on lean and agile manufacturing management. Students are required to use the concepts from the class to analyze their own work environment.

Masters in Lean Manufacturing Online

The one and only program of its kind, developed in partnership with GM

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This course examines techniques to maximize production efficiency and maintain control over each step in the process. The structured problem-solving methodology DMAIC (DefineMeasure-Analyze-Improve-Control) provides the framework for the course.


This course starts from the discussion of the evolution of production systems, from craft to mass and lean production. Principles of systems thinking and business dynamics applied to production systems are also studied. Contemporary lean thinking principles, lean enterprise development, and value stream mapping are studied and used in student projects. Modern enterprise improvement techniques such as Six Sigma, the theory of constraints and business process reengineering are also discussed.

Increase Your Marketability with An Additional Graduate Degree

Imagine having the added advantage of not just getting one Master’s degree but having two Master's degrees for the same number of courses some institutions require for only one degree? In addition to earning your Master’s in Lean Manufacturing, we provide a unique option for you to enroll in just five extra courses to earn your Online MBA as well*. 

Online Masters in Lean Manufacturing Dual Degree

  • Earn your MBA as a second degree by taking just five additional courses
  • Earn two master’s degrees plus your customized certificate to add weight to your resume

As a Lean Manufacturing professional, you have a powerful set of technical skills you bring to the job every day.  Add business acumen to provide that extra value on the job and for your career trajectory.

*All courses need to be within 6 years.


A critical issue facing most product manufacturers is the design of a competitive and low-cost manufacturing operation. In this course, work analysis of the application of process analysis, methods improvement, work measurement and ergonomic techniques to meet the competitive goals of a manufacturing company or office environment.

The intent of this course is to survey the basic techniques of methods design, work measurement, business process analysis, and ergonomics. The student is expected to solve fundamental and open-ended problems encountered during the design, analysis or operation of a manufacturing facility or office that produces a discrete product or service.

Online Lean Manufacturing Degree Courses

The 40-credit Master of Science in Lean Manufacturing curriculum includes 10 courses consisting of 7 core courses and your choice of a 3-course graduate certificate in Global Leadership, Operations Management, Healthcare Management or Supply Chain Management Level 1 or 2.

Core Curiculum


This course covers topics in quality assurance. Specifically, it includes an introduction to quality and quality philosophy, statistical methods of quality improvement, the concept of variation and its reduction, statistical process control, and acceptance sampling. Statistical software such as MINITAB is used throughout the course.

Certificate Curriculum

Customize your Lean Manufacturing degree with your choice of a 3-course graduate certificate in Global Leadership, Operations Management, Healthcare Management or Supply Chain Management Level 1 or 2.


This course provides the manufacturing operations professional with an understanding of the data typically available within a manufacturing environment and how to use this information for improving those operations within the lean paradigm. The course covers basic financial accounting, activity-based metrics, links to strategy, trend analysis, and decision-making. Student teams operate simulated companies in competition.

Modern Business Practices:

  • MGMT 620| Business Communication and Presentation
  • MGMT 621 | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Plus your choice of:

  • MGMT 622| Organized Labor and Management Practices
  • MGMT 649 | Leadership and Ethics

The course establishes a business-focused, project-oriented perspective applicable to the integrated manufacturing operating (IMO) environment. Students learn about the principles and techniques that lie within the discipline of project management by focusing on the body of knowledge recognized by the Project Management Institute.

The IMO environment is the basis for team projects as students integrate knowledge gained from their other courses and professional experience. The project requirement allows students to apply the project management concepts and techniques learned in the class. This course helps students both understand and practice project management, as well as learn its applications and limitations.

Healthcare Management:

  • IME 656 | Engineering for Healthcare Systems
  • HMGT 609 | Healthcare Management

Plus your choice of:

  • IME 676 | Lean Six Sigma OR
  • MGMT 669 | Supply Chain Operations

Operations Management:

  • MGMT 609 | Technology Management
  • MGMT 619 | Project and Change Management
  • MGMT 661 | Operations Management

Global Leadership:

  • BUSN 689 | Organizational Behavior
  • MGMT 649 | Ethics and Leadership
  • MGMT 679 | Leadership

Supply Chain Management Level 1:

  • SCM 610 | Foundations of Supply Chain
  • SCM 611 | Collaboration in the Supply Chain
  • SCM 612 | Customer Relationship Management

Supply Chain Management Level 2:

  • SCM 613 | Logistics
  • SCM 614 | Procurement and Risk Management
  • SCM 615 | Supply Chain Capstone

Salary Expectations for Lean Manufacturing Master’s Professionals

  • Corporate/Executive Management: $179,900
  • Lean/Continuous Improvement Management: $103,200
  • VP, Manufacturing/Production: $180,400
  • Director, Manufacturing/Production: $137,100
  • Consulting/Education: $107,400
  • VP, Director, Purchasing/Procurement/Sourcing: $112,260
  • R&D/Product Development Management: $110,700
  • VP, Supply Chain: $97,400
  • Quality Management: $97,300

Master of Science Lean Manufacturing - FAQ

Is there a fee to apply at Kettering University Online?

No. there is no fee to apply at Kettering University Online.

What support do I receive as an online student?

To help close the distance gap, you have personal access to your professors through telephone, voice mail, email, fax and online bulletin boards and/or chat rooms. Professors provide office hours, during which you may contact them to ask questions or discuss course materials. You are assigned a personal Kettering University Online Professional Advisor to assist you with your program from enrollment through graduation. Technical support is also available.

How long does it take to complete a Kettering University Online master’s degree program?

Kettering University Online works around your schedule. We have had students complete a master’s degree in less than a year, while others have taken five years. (You can complete an entire college course in just six to eight weeks, one course at a time, or more, as your schedule allows.) The average time to complete our master’s degree program is two years.