Supply Chain Management Certificate Level I and II

Supply Chain Management Certificate Level I and II

Supply Chain Management Level I

Adding Supply Chain Management knowledge to any MS degree with the SCM Level I Certificate provides a valuable option. This certificate equates to the first three courses of the SCM degree and provides foundational knowledge that gives any learner insight into the basics of the supply chain. Every industry has a supply chain, from industry to education, fast food to retail. Gain valuable insights that allow you to speak the language of supply chain management.

Supply Chain Management Level II

This SCM Level II certificate allows the opportunity to expand and deepen supply chain expertise.  Understand the risks and logistics that apply to any supply chain operation and how to mitigate those challenges to ensure smooth operations.  Understand the value of the customer relationship and how scorecards can make a difference. Finally, bring all your learning together in a Capstone project designed to provide you with the practical application of everything you have learned.

Fast Facts: Supply Chain Management Certificate

  • 100% online
  • Designed for professionals who wish to increase profits and stakeholder value in their organization
  • Delivers the decision-making tools necessary to design value in the global supply chain.
  • Take as a graduate certificate or as part of your master’s degree
  • Take your classroom learning to your job in the same week

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