Foundations of Data Science Certificate

Foundations of Data Science Certificate

Why earn your Foundations of Data Science graduate certificate?

  • Data Professionals are represented in virtually every industry, including IT, engineering, medicine, health care, social sciences, biological sciences, business, economics, insurance, finance, marketing, social media, security, defense, geolocation, and more.
  • Earning a Foundations of Data Science graduate certificate from Kettering University Online prepares leaders to achieve organizational goals through the power of data, including data mining, machine learning, cloud computing, and visualization
  • Data Science is an evolving, multi-faceted, interdisciplinary field that seeks to combine, refine, and develop methods and processes from statistics and computer science into modern scientific data analysis.

Fast Facts: Foundations of Data Science Certification

  • 100% online
  • Designed for professionals who wish to communicate data science concepts, results, and visualizations effectively
  • Examines proven techniques to maximize production efficiency, reduce risk and improve quality.
  • Take as a graduate certificate or as part of your master’s degree
  • Take your classroom learning to your job in the same week

This certificate is available as a professional certificate, and/or as a part of a Kettering Masters degree:

Foundations of Data Science Certificate - FAQ

Is there a fee to apply at Kettering University Online?

No. there is no fee to apply at Kettering University Online.

What support do I receive as an online student?

To help close the distance gap, you have personal access to your professors through telephone, voice mail, email, fax and online bulletin boards and/or chat rooms. Professors provide office hours, during which you may contact them to ask questions or discuss course materials. You are assigned a personal Kettering University Online Professional Advisor to assist you with your program from enrollment through graduation. Technical support is also available.

How long does it take to complete a Kettering University Online certificate program?

Kettering University Online works around your schedule. We have had students complete a certificate (3 classes) in less than half a year.

How much does the Foundations of Data Science Certificate cost?

At $650 per credit hour and a 12-credit certificate, the Foundations of Data Science certificate program costs $7,800.

What is the difference between a certificate program and a master’s degree program?

Kettering University Online’s certificate programs are 12 credits and can be completed in about 6 months. For an additional 28 credits (40 total), you could earn an MS or MBA degree. Our master’s programs can be completed in about 18 months.