A Unique Approach to Supply Chain Management

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A Unique Approach to Supply Chain Management blog header
A Unique Approach to Supply Chain Management blog header

A Unique Approach to Supply Chain Management

Considering an online Master’s degree in Supply Chain Management? Supply Chain management is one of the fastest growing fields in the country. Thanks to Prime, eBay express, and a host of others delivering goods and services via the Web, the demand for supply chain managers to create speedy delivery systems is rising. An online graduate certificate or master’s degree in Supply Chain Management from KUO can put you in a position to achieve your next goal.

According to Materials and Handling Industry (mhi.org), there should be upwards of 270,000 job openings a year in the supply chain field. An online supply chain degree from Kettering University has a great potential ROI.

According to Gartner, which ranks the top supply chain management programs in North America, the average starting salary grew 4% between 2015 and 2016.

Kettering University has ranked highly in terms of Return on Investment. On average, Kettering graduates saw a 20-year return of $743,000. In PayScale’s 2017 College ROI Report: Best Value College’s, Kettering ranked #1 in Michigan and the Midwest and 19th in the country for return on investment.

The KUO Difference: What is it like to take a class online?

Going back to school for an advanced degree can seem overwhelming on top of managing your workload, family commitments, and other activities. KUO's online learning programs are designed specifically for working adults to succeed. This doesn’t mean the courses are easy. It does mean that courses are 100% online and can be accessed remotely. The courses also are asynchronous—meaning students have weekly due dates for assignments but log into their classrooms on their own schedules and at a time that works for them.

Prepare for Success with a Professional Advisor

KUO students work with advisors who guide them through every step of their online education.

Nick Simon works with students in the Supply Chain Management masters and certificate programs. Simon says he begins with an orientation phone call where he walks students through their online classroom, first class, and talks through their plans to meet homework deadlines. “We’re not just transactional. We’re making personal connections with students and building relationships that last throughout their program,”

Professional Advisors act as guides to adult learners, especially if this is the first time they are doing an entire program online.  Basically, having a professional advisor is like having another person totally committed to your success and on your team.

KUO Professional Advisors encourage students, help them overcome barriers to getting work done, and show them where to find needed resources. The Advisor provides a one-stop shop for knowledge about classes, contacts, and their program.” The support lasts for the duration of a student’s program.

An Innovative Approach to Supply Chain

The KUO Master in Supply Chain Management combines traditional approaches to supply chain management with innovation and the current trends that are transforming the industry.

Students in the supply chain programs have several options. Through KUO there are several options for adding a Supply Chain certificate to a degree or simply earning just the degree. First, there is a 3-course certificate that is entitled: Supply Chain and ERP, noting the vital connection between two things.  These courses include Designing Value in the Supply Chain, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Supply Chain Operations. Another option is to break the SCM degree into Certificates. You begin with the SCM Level I Certificate and once finished move to SCM Level II Certificate. These can be taken as stand-alone certificates or as a way to break the whole degree down into smaller pieces. Then there is only a finance course and one more Certificate and you’ve earned the whole degree by breaking it down into smaller and individual pieces. Or stop after completing any certificate.

The entire Master’s in Supply Chain program is ten courses where students receive a practical framework in the foundations of supply chain management, financial management, and logistics. KUO designed unique courses with practical applications students can apply immediately. In the course Collaboration in the Supply Chain, students learn to effectively collaborate with suppliers, distributors, other departments, customers, and government agencies to create a competitive edge.

In Procurement and Risk Management, students learn how to negotiate, manage contract basics, manage suppliers, and reduce and mitigate risks to ensure effective supply chains. KUO Supply Chain students also take a course in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to develop supply chains that are responsive to customer demands and examine the range of CRM software and programs available.