Two Degrees in Two Years - MS in Engineering Management Plus MBA

The Advantages of a Master’s in Engineering Management and an MBA
The Advantages of a Master’s in Engineering Management and an MBA
The Advantages of a Master’s in Engineering Management and an MBA

Two Degrees in Two Years - MS in Engineering Management Plus MBA

Engineers with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM) are well-prepared to link technology skills with leadership, management, and financial acumen. The MBA was originally created for Engineers that had great skills for logical problem solving but needed some of the business and soft-skills important in management. Earning these degrees online is one convenient way for busy professionals to pursue their education.

In an article on, Stacy Blackman writes, “An M.B.A. degree is a bit like peanut butter: It goes well with just about everything.” The two degrees are a good combination for engineers and business managers. Engineers can make an easier transition from management into administration by incorporating best practices in accounting, product development, and human resources into their skill sets. Having an engineer take on a business manager role can provide valuable insight into areas that a business education alone does not prepare one to handle.

Online MBA degree options

There are several reasons an online MBA can give engineers an edge.

Communication Skills: Speak Two Languages

Engineers who have an MBA learn to speak two languages. They understand engineering operations and the working environment for manufacturing plus they gain an understanding of basic business practices. In an interview with Engineering Jobs, Matt DiGeronimo, the V.P. of Recruiting for Randstad Engineering described the value of adding an MBA to an MSEM, “There’s a need for people that speak both C-level language and engineering language. Engineers are given a problem state, a set of limited resources, and are told to find a way out.” Adding this to a solid business foundation is a one-two punch.

Engineers with MBAs are well equipped to solve complex issues relating to best practices in design, production, and business. They can bridge the communication gaps between the production floor and the C-suite, being fluent in design, systems, human resources, markets, supply chain, and leadership. They also are able to evaluate and implement organizational processes.

Position Yourself for Success

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, business, financial, and management jobs have some of the highest wage premiums for workers with a master’s degree. Both an MBA and MS in Engineering Management can prepare you for the next phase of your career and that big promotion. Solid programs in these areas allow students to engage in academic study and the gain applicable, real-world experience through classroom assignments and interaction with fellow students. They also learn ways to become effective leaders, manage human resources, and to make important decisions.

Increased Salary Expectations

In both management and engineering, an advanced degree typically leads to an increased salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), engineers with master’s degrees can expect salaries between $106K-almost $200K. BLS also notes that the job outlook for engineers will continue to grow., reports that 2016 graduates of full-time MBA programs will make between $81K for those in the nonprofit sector and up to $126K for consultants. CEOs and CFOs can expect to earn even more.

Increase Your Skill Set

At Kettering University Online it is possible to complete and MBA, add five more courses and add an MSEM to your resume. This is an opportunity few Universities offer to their students. A professional with both degrees understands how to meet customer needs, create business models, develop organizational goals, innovate, and implement engineering-specific human resource tools.

If you worry about how to set yourself apart from the competition, this combination can be powerful insurance against any economic downturn, company restructure or organization merger. Consider this one way to make yourself more recession-proof.

About Kettering Online’s Innovative MBA Program

An MBA can make the difference in gaining the skills and knowledge to understand how to adjust and transform business practices, regardless of the circumstances in the world From managerial accounting to international business, enterprise information system models to managing people and organizations, Kettering University’s award-winning MBA (ranked #1 in Michigan according to MBA Central) is designed to expose you to the most current academic research and innovative approaches to business. The design of the courses allows you to find solutions to your real-world problems with the Learn Today-Use Tomorrow approach to learning.


About KUO's Master's Degree in Engineering Management

Getting your engineering management degree online at Kettering University distinguishes you from others in myriad ways. The Engineering Management master’s degree provides the theory and application of technical skills as well as delivers the holistic leadership, communication and soft skills necessary to manage a high-technology, cross-disciplinary team. Better yet, it provides an opportunity to become a better you!


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