Kettering University Online Receives Top MBA Ranking

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Kettering University Online Receives Top MBA Ranking

Kettering University Online is continuing to garner attention by receiving industry accolades and placements on a variety of ranked lists. The latest ranking is from MBA Central, a ranking and resource site for those interested in selecting a business school. MBA Central has listed Kettering University Online as one of the top no-GMAT required Online MBA programs. Ranked 12th out of 30 on quality of classes, support services, and affordability, the Kettering University Online MBA provides a demanding curriculum designed to link transformative experiential education to rigorous academic standards with real-world applications for learning that lasts a lifetime. 

What is the GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) is a multiple choice, computer-based, and computer adaptive test intended to assess certain analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills for use in admitting students to graduate programs, particularly the MBA. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council, owner of the GMAT, more than 7,000 graduate programs worldwide are using the test (GMAC, 2019, para. 2) which is designed to be predictive of how well a student is likely to perform in a graduate management program. Although the test has been in use since 1954, it is not without its criticism.

Criticism of Standardized Tests

One of the most common criticisms of standardized testing is the effect it has on poor test takers. There are many who, because of nerves, anxiety, or past poor performance, “may not be able to show what they can accomplish in the high-stakes atmosphere of standardized testing. Their anxiety becomes the determining factor of how well they do the test, not whether they know the material. Even students who are normally good test takers can have a skewed result; for example, a student who had an emotional moment just before the test might not be able to focus and receives a result that is not reflective of his or her capabilities” (Poulsen & Hewson, 2014, para. 22).

Other criticisms include commentary about how test questions are written. There is a growing body of research suggesting standardized test questions are biased, inherently and unavoidably, due to social class, ethnic, and/or other cultural differences. Others argue that standardized tests supply an unfair advantage to those who cannot afford test preparation courses or tutoring. Although most institutions require GMAT scores there is a growing number of colleges and universities who are deciding to leave those scores aside.

Why Kettering University Online Doesn’t Require GMAT Scores

Some might be inclined to think that institutions not requiring GMAT scores are lowering their standards, which is far from the case. The reality is that institutions are thinking about candidates in new ways that include placing a higher value on work history and experience rather than just what their standardized test scores may predict.

“Work history is one of the most common ways schools will waive the GMAT/GRE requirement. As more students are going into the workforce before going back for an advanced degree, schools recognize that demonstrated leadership and management in business prove a better way of assessing how a student will perform when faced with rigorous academics and projects based in the real world. Through an applicant’s résumé, essay, and references, schools can get a good sense of what experience a professional has had” (Schedler, 2019, para. 3).

Tammie Cagle, Editor of MBA Central, suggests that when candidates apply to programs with no GMAT requirements they can then spend the time they would be studying for the test working on their essays, talking to those who might provide reference letters, and polishing their resumes (Cagle, 2019). Doing these things would serve potential candidates well as the Kettering University Online Admissions team makes acceptance decisions based on undergraduate GPA, references from supervisors and professional colleagues, and a personal essay. Taken together, these items paint a broader picture of a potential candidate’s ability to be successful in a Kettering University Online MBA program.

Kettering University Online’s forward-thinking decision regarding not requiring GMAT scores is in line with its overall philosophy about the importance of students integrating their personal and professional experiences into their academics. All Kettering University Online courses are designed to capitalize on this idea. Discussion questions, assignments, and final projects often ask learners to provide examples from their own experiences. For example, in the MBA course Managing People and Organizations, a discussion question focused on lean thinking and  workplace communication asks students to describe an area of waste they have identified within their organization, explain the inefficiencies leading to that waste, and make recommendations as to how they can impact those inefficiencies through better communication and planning.

Why Get a Kettering University Online MBA?

In addition to not requiring GMAT scores, other benefits of the fully accredited online MBA program include no additional student fees, the ability to finish the degree in only  18 months, and customizing your MBA with your choice of graduate certificates in Global Leadership, Healthcare Management, Operations Management, or Supply Chain Management Level I and II.

Once enrolled in the program, you are mentored and taught by Kettering University Online MBA faculty with both academic and industry experience.  All faulty at KUO are believe in a student-centered, experiential approach to learning with a focus on honing the technical and soft-skill sets essential for success in today’s corporate landscape. Once you graduate from the program, you become part of an elite club of business leaders representing industries from around the world.

Employers are looking to hire people with the ability to write and speak persuasively, to use financial information to make sound business decisions and to effectively mentor, and manage employees to occupy their C-Suites. The Kettering University MBA allows you to develop and demonstrate these skills.

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, skip the GMAT and consider applying to the Kettering University Online MBA Program. Contact one of our dedicated Enrollment Advisors at 1.855.418.0201 for more information about admission requirements, tuition rates, and course descriptions.