What Can an MBA do For Me?

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What Can an MBA do For Me?

Engineers early their career spend much of their time honing technical skills. As time passes, many find themselves ready to expand their role and increase their level of responsibility by entering the ranks of management. Enrolling in the Master of Business Administration program at Kettering University Online is an excellent choice for engineers looking to widen their skill-set and accelerate their career trajectory.

Why Engineers Should Get an MBA

An MBA for engineers makes perfect sense for several reasons. Hiring managers are highly motivated to find talent who possess engineering expertise as well as a knowledge of accounting, finance, budgets, marketing, and management. This skillset combination can make a candidate highly desirable.

Having an MBA enables engineers to speak the language of their industry and those occupying the C-suites.

Engineers tend to have many traits that make them good candidates for MBA programs and leadership positions: Curiosity, critical thinking abilities, and a collaborative spirit. The following is a list of CEOs who have engineering degrees and have been successful at navigating the competitive corporate landscape:

  • Virginia Rometty, IBM CEO and Chairwoman
  • Sundar Pichai, Google Inc. CEO
  • Dennis Muilenburg, Boeing, Inc. President and CEO
  • Jeff Bezos, Amazon, Founder, and CEO
  • Denise Gray, LG Chem Power CEO and President as well as a Kettering University Alum

These innovative leaders have married their technical expertise and savvy business acumen to change how we work, how we communicate, how we travel, and how we shop.

Reasons to Choose the MBA Program

From courses such as managerial accounting to international business, from enterprise information system models to managing people and organizations, Kettering University’s MBA is designed to expose you to the most current academic research and innovative approaches to business.

Kettering University Online’s MBA graduates understand how to:

  • Use accounting and financial information to make sound business decisions
  • Employ technology applications to increase business productivity and viability
  • Communicate with, mentor, and manage employees
  • Navigate supply chain management issues, assess risk, and create contingency plans

Understand the impact of influences on psychology and ever-changing customer behavior and affect marketing and sales strategies

Kettering University Online’s philosophy “learn today, use tomorrow” becomes evident from day one as you work to make the most of a program designed to equip you with the theory, tools, and techniques to become a successful management professional, perceptive business leader, and immediate contributor to your company’s goals.

Additional Learning

In addition to learning the theory and application of business concepts, you may also learn a lot about yourself. This program provides opportunities for you to examine your personal and professional strengths and limitations through discussion questions and assignments designed to challenge your thinking about the way you lead or manage, handle conflict, and communicate with others. By the end of the program, you are likely to have a clearer sense of who you are personally, and of what you are capable professionally. You also hone necessary soft-skills for succeeding in high performing businesses such as:

  • Critical Thinking

  • Conflict Management
  • Time Management
  • Effective Interpersonal Communication
  • Leadership and Motivation

Through academically rigorous discussion questions, assignments, and projects you work with your fellow learners to digest theories and apply the practical skills designed to improve overall business performance, support effective decision-making, and aid you in managing projects and leading people.

More Reasons to Choose Kettering University Online for Your MBA


  • Engineers have demanding jobs and full lives outside of work so enrolling in an MBA that is 100% Online gives you the flexibility to study in the learning environment of your choice and at times convenient for you. You can finish your program in 18 months or space out your courses in a way that works with your lifestyle, schedule, and personal/professional obligations.


  • Customize your MBA with a certificate in Global Leadership, Healthcare Management, Operations Management, or Supply Chain & Enterprise Resource Planning or two levels of SCM Certificates


  • Kettering University Online MBA faculty is a collection of academic and industry experts with various backgrounds and experience. What unites them is the belief in student-centered, experiential learning with a focus on honing the technical and soft-skill sets essential for success in today’s globally competitive corporate landscape.

Alumni Network

Once you graduate from Kettering University, you become part of an elite club representing industries from around the world. Below are some Kettering Alumni industry leaders:

  • Mary Barra, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairwoman, General Motors Corporation

  • Chet Huber, Founding President, OnStar
  • Bob Kagle, General Partner, Benchmark Capital
  • Sonia Syngal, President and Chief Executive Officer, Old Navy (Commencement Speaker for the Kettering University Class of 2017)
  • Latondra Newton, Senior Vice President, and Chief Diversity Officer, Walt Disney Company (Commencement Speaker for the Kettering University Class of 2018)

There are thousands of other Kettering University Alumni comprising a vast network of mentors, contacts, and potential colleagues across the globe.

If you are an industrial, chemical, software, civil, electrical, or mechanical engineer with a desire for a corner office in the C-suite, you can be confident in knowing that an MBA from Kettering University Online equips you with the knowledge, resources, and professional contacts necessary to become an effective leader in the industry of your choice. Talk to an Admissions Advisor today and find out how an Online education, designed for you, can facilitate your next successful career move.