Your Future is Here - Kettering University Online

Your Future is Here - Kettering University Online

To best understand our future, we need to first tell you a little about our past. The year was 1919. World War I had just ended. And Americans were eager for peace, prosperity, and the feel of the open road behind the wheel of a new automobile. Around the corner, a little night school, known as The School of Automotive Trades, opened its doors to area automakers – the ones who knew how to build cars, but wanted to learn engineering and management skills.

Fast forward 100 years. That little night school isn’t so little any more. 
It’s Kettering University – an internationally known, private university that has inspired some of the sharpest minds in science, technology, engineering, math and business.

With more than 500 industry partners, 1000 plus C-level alumni, and a 98% graduate employment rate, we're in the top 15 for educational return on investment.

But true to Kettering form, this story’s about the future... Technological innovations and emerging industries… A new, agile era of education that gives you the opportunity to earn a highly respected Kettering University graduate degree from anywhere in the world.
Welcome to Kettering University Online.

Your future is here. 
It’s time to learn differently …. worldwide.